Stardust Receptacles by Lana Ruellan

That Sunday, Augutst, 12th, 2018 at 5:12pm, the stars' hunt opened. 

Invited by chef Alexandre Gauthier, Lana Ruellan ceramic artist was busy in the gardens of La Grenouillere to get micro meteorites fallen from the sky. Ten of her Star Receptacles are given to this cosmic mission. 

Continuously, tiny meteorites fall on our heads. When meteorites enter the atmosphere, they indeed become dust and light, they are shooting stars. These very light micro particles are hanging in the atmosphere. When raining, they fall on Earth. The Stardust Receptacles filter raining water and space dust. The stardust are placed in the garden according to the sky map August, 12th at 5:12pm. It is date and time of the year when shooting stars are booming. 

Lana Ruellan 

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